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  • A new customer does not respond to the first payment notices. For some unknown reason, your client will not or cannot pay. Yes, this would be a good time to hire ABC, LLC. We can try to help keep your potential losses to a minimum.

  • Payment terms have failed. In some cases irresponsible consumers pay when and if they want to. Yes, this would be a good time to hire ABC, LLC. We maybe able help you to reduce cost and potential losses by taking quick action.

  • The consumer makes repetitious, unfounded complaints. These types of consumers are often better handled by a collection specialists.  ABC, LLC can professional deal with these sorts of issues without compromising your current Business to Client relationship. 

  • The consumer totally denies responsibility. Without professional help, like ABC, LLC, these accounts are usually written off as total losses.

  • Your client has moved without informing you or leaving a forwarding address. The chance of finding a consumer and collecting a debt will decrease over time, so contacting ABC, LLC quickly is important.
When is a good time for me to hire ABC, LLC?
What is ABC, LLC's collection protocol?
What are ABC, LLC's fees?
How do I monitor ABC, LLC's progress with my debtor/client?
What happens if my debtor/client has moved, and I have no forwarding address or telephone number to give to ABC, LLC?
Should I make a final attempt to collect the monies owed to me before hiring  ABC, LLC?
Accounts 90 + Days Past Due
  • Step Three (Time to Play Hardball): For the more obstinate debtors, more aggressive debt collection efforts are sometimes required. For these situations, ABC, LLC recommends that we increase the pressure on your more difficult debtors by bringing direct contact upon them. These are forceful collection methods and strategies that are very persistent, extremely intense, and basically intolerable.  If you are worried about offending someone's sensibilities, this might not be the best choice for you.
Accounts Heavily Disputed and/or Extremely Past Due
  • The Final Step (and The Final Straw): ABC, LLC will do everything possible not to have any account reach this stage, however, if Step Four fails to yield positive results, then ABC, LLC will recommended a highly knowledgeable collection attorney that can make the difference in the most difficult cases where there are assets that can be collected. Of course, if you want the option to sue your debtor, ABC, LLC can assist you in court in extreme situations. 
Any communication from this website and/or any other communication from an employee of ABC, LLC, either by correspondence or by phone,  is an effort to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.
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It's not only very foolish but a serious problem for any client or customer of yours to enjoy the benefits of any material goods they received or the services you may have provided to them, without expecting to pay for them!  Hiring a professional collection agency may be the wisest option you have for collecting the money that is well overdue to you!
Accounts 30 to 60 Days Past Due
  • The First Step (Soft Collection): A representative of ABC, LLC will make initial contact with your debtor, reminding them about their overdue account(s) and the consequences for failing to become current. This is typically done through increasingly urgent letters and phone calls usually ten days apart. Debtors at this stage are encouraged to prioritize their obligation and politely asked to make payment arrangements. For customers who fail to meet their obligations within a reasonable time frame, ABC, LLC will immediately escalate their account to Step Two. 
Yes, we strongly suggest that you try one last go at your client before hiring ABC, LLC. For your convenience, we have provided a Free Demand for Payment Letter for your use. There is absolutely no charge for this service if your deliquent client pays you directly, or send their payment to us, on or before the 15 days have expired. ABC, LLC will simply forwarded their payment to you immediately and in full.  However, should your client not meet this deadline, this should be an immediate indication that you need ABC, LLC's services urgently! 
Our average fee for basic debt collection services is as follows:

  • Commercial Debt Recovery        25%
  • Consumer Debt Recovery           33%

A/R Management and Skip Tracing fees vary depending on the level of service required. For a detailed list of all of ABC, LLC's fees, we suggest you visit "Our Fees" quick link.
ABC, LLC takes great measures to insure you are kept in the loop and up-to-date! 
  • With our online service you can get the most current information about your account(s). Subscribers can see the dates/times of each action ABC, LLC has taken and view all monies received and sent.

  • Don't have access to a computer? That's OK. ABC, LLC also sends out monthly detail status reports informing you of the efforts taken to collect a debt(s), the outcome of the efforts and the plan of action going forward.

  • Should anything new happen on your account(s), ABC, LLC will inform you straight away, either by phone or e-mail!
Accounts 60 to 90 Days Past Due
  • The Next Step: From experience, when someone is in debt and they have bill collectors calling them, it’s usually not their only problem. The ABC, LLC representative assigned to this account will need to determine the reason why your debtor failed to keep their financial commitment, or why they have ignored the previous payment requests. From there, ABC, LLC will work with your debtor to find a solution that's right for both you and your debtor.  
Obvious financial irresponsibility is apparent. Look for the following signs when dealing with customers with outstanding debt; they may be a strong indication that it's time to get outside help! 
A great cause for concern for a creditor is when their debtor suddenly vanishes. Some signs of a "skip" would be the debtors telephone number has been changed or has been disconnected.  In many cases, they have just moved without warning or perhaps they are using a different name. An ABC, LLC skip trace will gather all the available information on that person. An example would be running their social security number, family member addresses, DMV records, marriage certificates, social media sites, voter registration, ... etc.  They then follow the paper trail to find where he/she is currently living.  The process usually takes up to 5 days, but it can be expedited. 
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